Less overthinking, more instinctive reasoning

Do you ever think about your decision-making process? I do. I mean, what else have I got to do, now that I’m retired?

The burning question

In the Introduction to “The Republic of Imagination,” Professor Azar Nafisi relates an anecdote about a young Iranian ex-pat she calls “Ramin” who, at a book promotion event, basically told her she was wasting her time. Americans, he said, are very different than Iranians.
Coming Attractions

Lynne Collins takes over theater at the Arvada Center

Lynne Collins has been announced as the Arvada Center’s new Artistic Director of Theatre, following the retirement of Rod A. Lansberry. Collins, the current Artistic Director of Plays, first joined …
Coming Attractions

Birds of a feather flock to DMNS

There are plenty of beautiful and important environmental sites that people are aware of - think locations like the Everglades in Florida. But then there are places that might be even more important …

Opportunities that come from difficulties

The last two years have represented, to be kind, great difficulties. From the obvious health challenges COVID-19 causes to the minor disruptions to our everyday routines, nothing has seemed normal. And even now that we’re generally trying to be normal, we’re not.
Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support for healthy meals for public school students

JESPA represents approximately 3,800 Jeffco Public Schools’ Support Staff (ESP-Education Support Professionals). I’m writing to express our official support for SB22-087 Healthy Meals for all Public School Students sponsored by Senator Brittany Pettersen (D-Jeffco) and soon to be voted on by Senator Rachel Zenzinger (D-Jeffco).

Letter: Thoughts on Putin

Putin is not unique. What is happening in Ukraine is not unique. Like those preceding him (Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, et alia),Putin didn’t just happen. They all were allowed to rise to power. Their ascent was facilitated by others. There were just enoughsupporters who gained something: politically, financially and/or emotionally.  

Letter: Re Candidates on Ukraine

You have to hand it to Republicans; they always stick to their talking points whether they make sense or not. In response to rising gas prices as a result of the abhorrent Russian War, each Republican running in District 7 mentioned that if only Biden didn’t pull the plug on the Keystone Pipeline we could be “energy independent” and we wouldn’t be experiencing these insane rising gas prices.

Letter: US held hostage by Biden’s extremist ideologs 

Jeffco Transcript Letter to the Editor, Week of March 17

Letter to the editor

Why do we care about the Coroner’s Office? Until we happened to meet Dr. Annette Cannon, our Jefferson County Coroner, we had no idea just how fortunate we are to have her and the rest of her …
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