Candidate Q&A: Margot Herzl, or House District 22


Profession: “Domestic Engineer” i.e., Professional Mother of Four

Residence: Unincorporated Littleton

Party: Libertarian


What makes you the best choice for this office?

When you elect a Libertarian, you get a person, not a party. I know my number one job as your representative is to fight for your liberty, and I have absolute fidelity to that job. I will not be swayed by partisan interests, special interests, or social pressure, but will adhere to principle in all things.

If elected, what would your top issue be?

Restoring civility to the political conversation. So long as we can talk to one another and regard each other as partners in the truth-seeking enterprise that politics should be, we will be able to find common ground.

If elected, what would you want to accomplish in order for you to consider the term a success?

I will have been a success if we have established a rainy day fund in the Colorado Constitution by the end of my term, and if there are fewer regulations on the books upon my leaving the seat than there were when I entered. If we could decrease year-on-year State spending, that would be a bonus.

Your view on TABOR reform efforts?

TABOR is an essential taxpayer protection. If we had TABOR at the Federal level, we would be in much better shape as a country. It is is about the consent of the governed. Government can ignore any of its limitations IF they get voter consent. Sometimes they do! Often they don’t. So they want to get rid of TABOR so they don’t have to listen to us anymore. Both parties say we can’t have savings unless we repeal TABOR. This is a lie. We can achieve a rainy day fund with a simple constitutional amendment.

The Red Flag law went into effect this year. Has it been a good law, and would you change anything?

It is a poorly written law. I have yet to meet a Red Flag law that I like, but ours has some particularly egregious elements — for example, even someone against whom you have a restraining order can have your guns taken away without due process. It’s guilty-until-proven-innocent, and you do not have the right to face your accuser. I understand there are efforts now to improve the Red Flag law — we will see what they come up with.


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