Candidate Profile: Christopher Arlen

For Lakewood City Council Ward 4


Profession: Small business owner

Residence: Briarwood Hills

Campaign Website:

Why are you seeking this office?

I am running for Lakewood City Council because I believe in people and I believe in Lakewood. In this election, we get to decide the course of Lakewood’s future. We face serious challenges and we need strong leadership to help us navigate the intersection of economic growth and housing; development and preservation and more. I’m running for Lakewood City Council because I believe that we can build a stronger Lakewood, together.

What makes you the best person for the job?

My background in the nonprofit sector, my leadership experience, and my ability to bring diverse perspectives together to unearth collective wisdom makes me particularly suited for City Council. I want to move us beyond reflexive and entrenched positions to find shared solutions to our common challenges. I strive to always move the conversation forward, seeking to understand rather than to simply agree. We don’t have to agree on everything to work together.

What are your top three priorities if elected?

As we emerge from the pandemic, I am committed to assuring that we all rise together. Equitable distribution of recovery dollars is a marker of our inclusive community. I want to move us forward with vision and hope rather than fear and cynicism. Let’s seek to bring out the best in our another than to pit us one again another. Similarly, I will work to nurture Lakewood’s civic character. Let’s be full of possibilities.

Has city hall done an appropriate job in implementing the citizen-approved growth ordinance?

As written, the strategic growth initiative can be cumbersome and unclear. This creates interesting opportunities for interpretation that may or many not comport with voter intent. I believe that we can and should clarify how the implementation matches up with expectations. We should also look at some of the unintended consequences and work collaboratively to respond to any findings. I think there has been a good faith effort thus for, but we can do better.

What is one part of the city that you feel could definitely use more council attention, and why?

I think that there are areas in each Ward that would benefit from Council attention. In some areas we have flooding, in others there is need for renewal and investments, and others still the desire for more open space or economic development. We are all concerned about traffic safety and the epidemic of speeding on our streets and highways. Public safety, infrastructure, and affordability are universal concerns. My answer is all of the above.

Ward 4, Election 2021


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